by Gimme

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released May 16, 2016

Engineered by Smiley D



all rights reserved



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Track Name: SENSEI (Prod. Smiley D)


Gimmedis I been spitting like a sensei/
BUTT FUCK what the government say/
Tuesday night been high since wednesday/
Gimmedis I been spitting like a sensei/

Gimmedis I been spitting like a sensei/
Noodle soft rappers getting cooked aldente/
Cross eyed rapper bout to get yall set straight/
Gimmedis I been spitting like a sensei/


I remember when I first became a sensei/
I must say it was the best day/
felt as good as that moment you pressed play/
I bench press pounds you moving less weight/
my tribe call me big chief reefer/
down with police I'm the peace speaker/
LSD eater// And a freak tweeker/
if you ain't happy then me either/
da wax dabber// da bat cracker// da beat maker/ a whack rapper// da weed vaper/ hat snatcher// I'm D. vader/ the sith master// attack fast like I'm black raptor// bitch I'm a Viking I sack packers// give a bitch good and have her looking fat after// cash stacker// old white folks telling me UGH act blacker// I'm no black actor// I'm just the pack holder/
Even on Christmas and easter and passover/
They love the way that I ROLL DOG just ASK ROVER/
And it's really fucking hard for me to even nap sober/
Me and God started dating// But that's over/
Candy painted// Land rover/ Meditating// mental patient//
Burn it down it's fire ain't it//
Young Zukko the fire nation//
Devil on my BACK Sword on my SIDE/
Weed on the FRONT and the light on my MIND/
We all got a dragon that we trying to find/
but understand if you don't everything will be fine/
at the end of the day ain't much on the line/
And god is divine/
She sitting back watching our lives intertwine/
Laughing relaxnig having a good ol time/
SO i'ma die just puffing on dimes/


Ingest a ten strip/
I must have a death wish/
I just had the most fucking intensest head trip/
2 hours in and I'm feeling endless/
I feel her presence/
Just got the message/
Before I hang up the phone can I ask some questions/
she told me no and then cast me from heaven/
Beating my head in/
with all these lessons/
I try to write them down but I keep on forgetting/

Oldest trick in the book its fear or its love/
It's either yin or is Yang. It's below or above/
There's something wrong with the people//
nothing wrong with the guns/
there something wrong with the evil//
nothing wrong with the drugs/

You see my style of dress it might look kind of sloppy/
but I'm the humblest guy with a big side of cocky/
You were born original don't die a copy/
I'm here to change the world dog don't try and stop me/
I can't play smash if I'm fighting cops/
I'm lighting pot/ and I'm eating blots/ YEAH
I like to sing don't care if I'm off key/
I'll make a difference I promise just watch me//

I stay at your crib but I aint smashing your bitch/
I'm what your dad listens to when he's mad at the kids/
Ya mom love me too cuz my Dick fatter than his/
So I came on her face I gave her dap and then dip/
I got a couple of shooters that be strapped with a clip/
Got the acid to trip/
and its got me looking down at the weather and shit/
fuck so good I done severed my hip/
my dick is legit its as thick as a wrist/
no more jokes boy never say quit/
look into the mirror you're better than this/
I promise you kid something bigger exists/
might sound like a joke cuz really it is/
the only trick to life is just to live/


Track Name: Ride or Die (Prod. Smiley D)
You already know I can't sing man...
So, we got that Auto-tune swag...
It's okay...
Nobody wanted to sing for me....

I - I - I'm
Just TRY - Y - YING
to FI - I - IND
My Ride or Die My Ride or Die


(VRS. 1)
Wake up baby cuz it's time to go/
I said alright I put my feet on the floor/
gave her a kiss before I head out the door/
I told her I love her she said "I love you more"/
"before you go just grab the gun from the drawer/
cuz when I go to work it's like you're going to war/
Might get robbed. Might get shot by police on patrol/
and all them fiends be on that lean and patron"/
"I got the best dope so they can't leave me alone/
get pissed off when I don't pick up my phone"/
I'm not really even sure what to say/
because today just might be the day/
I got bills piling up and a babe on the way/
started with weed now its pills and the yay/
next thing I know all I heard was a bang/
can't smell shit my vision starting to fade/
I'm not gonna die until I see my bae/
I got shot in the gut get out of my way/
If I survive then I'm out of the game/
paramedics asking questions but all I can say/


I - I - I'm
Just TRY - Y - YING
to FI - I - IND
My Ride or Die My Ride or Die

Heres a story about my brother forty/
met way back when we was shorties/
we met around the time I was nine/
never thought he'd be my ride or die/
we was little kids just trying to rhyme/
playing basketball and private eye/
still little kids about 11 or 12/
talking about shit like heaven and hell/
if we didn't go to church like our mommas said
would we really end up dead or in jail/
13 years old my dick grew hair/
his momma died in her big blue chair/
he didn't handle it well I did what I can/
we never had no dad around
so we taught each other how to be a man/
secretly wishing to be Peter pan/
but everybody forcing us to grow up/
hoping at the funeral that his dad would show up/
but Sho' Nuff/ no luck/
now he buying lean every day just hoping to pour up/
hand clenched like real tight around that foam cup/
times changed and we still kick it/
straight up just feels different/
can't talk to his ass with out him nodding out/
worried one day ima find him dead
face down on my mommas couch/
caught the clap from some skinny skank/
whooped his ass cuz I caught his Hands
all up in my little brothers piggy bank/
had to go to court of course he missed the date/
dfacs finna take his kids away/
nothing but beans on his dinner plate/
HE looks at me 'Man what you finna say?'/
he looks at me with no life in his eyes/
he turned to meth for the better high/
downward spiral gets memorized/
my brother I no longer recognize/
Track Name: Burning Down the House! (Prod. Smiley D)
How you going to enjoy good music without good marijuana?

I keep that Green up in my lungs/
And that wax done got me stuck/
Well I think we need to run/ Nah
Fuck them persian rugs/
Let's just light some purple nugs/


(VRS 1)
Smoking one while I roll another one/
my money high too I think I need a cumberbund/
we hot box and then beat box that what we does for fun/
take a shot then start smoking like a musket gun/
feel the blood rush to your face next thing you know you're coughing/
fuck some roses let's throw some herbal in my coffin/
I sell a lot of bud but I'm smoking all my profit/
My momma want me to stop it/
reefer turned me from suicide to a prophet/
most high ganja is my goddess/
this is me showing thanks for all that she taught us/
rednecks or demrobbers/
or dem ravers or dem rastas/
preppy boys and dem mobsters/
everybody love dat ganja/
it's curing cancer I think it's kinda obvious/
that this plant is full of awesomeness/
Mary Mary Mary gave me confidence/
and so I'm feeling like an arsonist.

I keep that Green up in my lungs/
And that wax done got me stuck/
Well I think we need to run/ Nah
Fuck them persian rugs/
Let's just light some purple nugs/


(VRS 2)
Toasted up I can't remember where the swishers are/
I'm trying to roll one fatter than a snickers bar/
split cigars fur that hairy weed called it chewbacca/
got it straight from the hands of my new doctor/
and it hiting hard like boom blacka/
smoking on that too proper/
dabs got em like who shot ya/
nah this ain't.no tupacca/
rolled up like 10 blunts just me and my two patnas/
smoking caviar that fancy shit got em all like ooh lala/
in love with music but I'm way too stoned to dance/
but that don't mean that I wont pipe it up and dab/
light it up and pass/ Oh my god bitch YASSS/
big doobs and killer tunes got these ladies shaking they ass/
smoking on that Adolf one Hitler got em gassing/
trying to rap but I keep on laughing/
ripped too many bongs I can't remember what happened/
one minute I was dabbing now I'm speaking with fire captain...

I keep that Green up in my lungs/
And that wax done got me stuck/
Well I think we need to run/ Nah
Fuck them persian rugs/
Let's just light some purple nugs/

Track Name: Ramble on [5 min Freestyle] (Prod. Smiley D)

"I'm just gonna ramble on.
Shout out led zepplin. You know what I mean.
Sometimes there's just no room for a hook. I'ma talk some shit."

Gimmes just a guy that I gotta be/
But I gotta complicated philosophy/
you see/ theres a god in me/
When I was young I was into them drugs and I was focused on them robberies/
Swiped them bags and sold em half price and that was just to get em off of me/
Now I'm reading more and drinking less and I'm helping everybody I see that lives in poverty/
snorting roxys would have ended me probably/
half lotus meditation hear the falling of the autumn leaves/
watch my body leave/ and morph into a guava tree/
smoking on the ganja green/ YUH!
No more paranoia cuz I don't care if they're onto me/
because the life I live is based in honesty/
I talked to God and She promised me/
that it dont really matter what your creed or ideology/
AS long as you know who you are and you fuck who you wanna be/
because expectations can be a toxic psychology/
If you digging the music then make sure you follow me/
lifes a play we actors in god halloween/

Fuck what he said/
steal food when you need bread/
I promise you suffering won't matter when we dead/
3 beds// one for each little piggy/
if you don't know my last name play it safe and call me Gimme/
I'm off speed and shrooms its awful trippy/
face down in the sidewalk lost in the city/
SAw me some titties// snap back to reality/
my brain try to let me know I'm running out of batteries/
but the amphetamines continue the haberdashery/
I'm smoking rapper weed/ and everybodys mad at me/
Fuck a super star... I just spent ten years as a galaxy//

WE like to take through force and intimidation/
its a great way to make a timid nation/
parents too busy kids impatient/
too afraid to confront the root of the situation/
so we just cover up the symptoms/
feed em adderal just hoping they start to listen/
you're messing with the wiring of a nine year old brain/
all in the name of capital gains/
That why I grab and I aim/
At all form of authority/
I and I am the only person ruling over me/
smoking loud in the library acting disorderly/
cuz the nerd sold me coke but he mother fucking shorted me/

kind of hard to say who I am these days/
call my Mom and my Noni both on a 3 way/
say i'm thinking bout leaving hoping to hear em at least say/
nah Gimme just please stay/
See I'm rambling on, but that's what happens when you don't have a hook/'
Ghettos is what happens without a Dad and a book/
Hard to be a master cook/ without ingredients/
they can't tell if I'm retarded or a genius/
Even I'm not sure if I'm really serious/
its a daily struggle I seem to be dealing with/
Self esteem issues and I can't seem to grow up/
Eating mushrooms till I fucking throw up/
I'm tripping in prison with my hands up on both nuts/
hold up//
I'm supposed to say something profound and deep/
but I'm just a clown downing a couple bottle of crown a week/
Fiancee worried I'ma drown in my sleep/

There's a god indside you. love her hold her tight/
everydays a new day people change over night/
I'll never hold a grudge I'd hold a mic/
burn 3 l's of bud/
With bealzebub/
we selling nugs/
cuz theres a message we spreading/
PEace love and weapons/
brotherhood unity/
overthrowing govt holler out mutiny/
the loony bin don't even know what to do with me/
I was at god's funeral matter of fact I read the eulogy/
get rid of attachment/
If you lose our job you just gotta work past it/
dwelling on the bad shit?/
you're better off trying to practice black magic/
it's tragic/ everybody worried about the bread in they cabinet/
they ain't focused on how much is in the waste basket/

US vs them its gotta stop/
corporations putting out ya moms and pops/
american public acting nonchalant/
until they get on facebook then they mouth popping off/
talking down on anthing that they don't like/
SPreading that negative venom they whole life/
me? well I'm breathing green from a gold pipe/
if you in for that other shit you better hold tight/

it's like the definition of a a bad trip/
I'm just tripping off the acid/
So I seen some shit In my mother fucking life/
and I'm really glad to call this woman my wife .