Ride or Die (Prod. Smiley D)

from by Gimme



This is just me trying to do a story driven, imagery record. The melody is sick. I just wish I had a singer. I WILL RE-RECORD THIS TRACK IF YOU WILL SING THE HOOK AND AREN'T BOBO!!!


You already know I can't sing man...
So, we got that Auto-tune swag...
It's okay...
Nobody wanted to sing for me....

I - I - I'm
Just TRY - Y - YING
to FI - I - IND
My Ride or Die My Ride or Die


(VRS. 1)
Wake up baby cuz it's time to go/
I said alright I put my feet on the floor/
gave her a kiss before I head out the door/
I told her I love her she said "I love you more"/
"before you go just grab the gun from the drawer/
cuz when I go to work it's like you're going to war/
Might get robbed. Might get shot by police on patrol/
and all them fiends be on that lean and patron"/
"I got the best dope so they can't leave me alone/
get pissed off when I don't pick up my phone"/
I'm not really even sure what to say/
because today just might be the day/
I got bills piling up and a babe on the way/
started with weed now its pills and the yay/
next thing I know all I heard was a bang/
can't smell shit my vision starting to fade/
I'm not gonna die until I see my bae/
I got shot in the gut get out of my way/
If I survive then I'm out of the game/
paramedics asking questions but all I can say/


I - I - I'm
Just TRY - Y - YING
to FI - I - IND
My Ride or Die My Ride or Die

Heres a story about my brother forty/
met way back when we was shorties/
we met around the time I was nine/
never thought he'd be my ride or die/
we was little kids just trying to rhyme/
playing basketball and private eye/
still little kids about 11 or 12/
talking about shit like heaven and hell/
if we didn't go to church like our mommas said
would we really end up dead or in jail/
13 years old my dick grew hair/
his momma died in her big blue chair/
he didn't handle it well I did what I can/
we never had no dad around
so we taught each other how to be a man/
secretly wishing to be Peter pan/
but everybody forcing us to grow up/
hoping at the funeral that his dad would show up/
but Sho' Nuff/ no luck/
now he buying lean every day just hoping to pour up/
hand clenched like real tight around that foam cup/
times changed and we still kick it/
straight up just feels different/
can't talk to his ass with out him nodding out/
worried one day ima find him dead
face down on my mommas couch/
caught the clap from some skinny skank/
whooped his ass cuz I caught his Hands
all up in my little brothers piggy bank/
had to go to court of course he missed the date/
dfacs finna take his kids away/
nothing but beans on his dinner plate/
HE looks at me 'Man what you finna say?'/
he looks at me with no life in his eyes/
he turned to meth for the better high/
downward spiral gets memorized/
my brother I no longer recognize/


from #Atman, released May 16, 2016
Composition: GIMME x JBANGA BEATS (soundcloud.com/jbangabeats)

Engineering: Smiley D - @4evarecords On all social media




all rights reserved



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