Ramble on [5 min Freestyle] (Prod. Smiley D)

from by Gimme




50's Jazz piano Practice...



"I'm just gonna ramble on.
Shout out led zepplin. You know what I mean.
Sometimes there's just no room for a hook. I'ma talk some shit."

Gimmes just a guy that I gotta be/
But I gotta complicated philosophy/
you see/ theres a god in me/
When I was young I was into them drugs and I was focused on them robberies/
Swiped them bags and sold em half price and that was just to get em off of me/
Now I'm reading more and drinking less and I'm helping everybody I see that lives in poverty/
snorting roxys would have ended me probably/
half lotus meditation hear the falling of the autumn leaves/
watch my body leave/ and morph into a guava tree/
smoking on the ganja green/ YUH!
No more paranoia cuz I don't care if they're onto me/
because the life I live is based in honesty/
I talked to God and She promised me/
that it dont really matter what your creed or ideology/
AS long as you know who you are and you fuck who you wanna be/
because expectations can be a toxic psychology/
If you digging the music then make sure you follow me/
lifes a play we actors in god halloween/

Fuck what he said/
steal food when you need bread/
I promise you suffering won't matter when we dead/
3 beds// one for each little piggy/
if you don't know my last name play it safe and call me Gimme/
I'm off speed and shrooms its awful trippy/
face down in the sidewalk lost in the city/
SAw me some titties// snap back to reality/
my brain try to let me know I'm running out of batteries/
but the amphetamines continue the haberdashery/
I'm smoking rapper weed/ and everybodys mad at me/
Fuck a super star... I just spent ten years as a galaxy//

WE like to take through force and intimidation/
its a great way to make a timid nation/
parents too busy kids impatient/
too afraid to confront the root of the situation/
so we just cover up the symptoms/
feed em adderal just hoping they start to listen/
you're messing with the wiring of a nine year old brain/
all in the name of capital gains/
That why I grab and I aim/
At all form of authority/
I and I am the only person ruling over me/
smoking loud in the library acting disorderly/
cuz the nerd sold me coke but he mother fucking shorted me/

kind of hard to say who I am these days/
call my Mom and my Noni both on a 3 way/
say i'm thinking bout leaving hoping to hear em at least say/
nah Gimme just please stay/
See I'm rambling on, but that's what happens when you don't have a hook/'
Ghettos is what happens without a Dad and a book/
Hard to be a master cook/ without ingredients/
they can't tell if I'm retarded or a genius/
Even I'm not sure if I'm really serious/
its a daily struggle I seem to be dealing with/
Self esteem issues and I can't seem to grow up/
Eating mushrooms till I fucking throw up/
I'm tripping in prison with my hands up on both nuts/
hold up//
I'm supposed to say something profound and deep/
but I'm just a clown downing a couple bottle of crown a week/
Fiancee worried I'ma drown in my sleep/

There's a god indside you. love her hold her tight/
everydays a new day people change over night/
I'll never hold a grudge I'd hold a mic/
burn 3 l's of bud/
With bealzebub/
we selling nugs/
cuz theres a message we spreading/
PEace love and weapons/
brotherhood unity/
overthrowing govt holler out mutiny/
the loony bin don't even know what to do with me/
I was at god's funeral matter of fact I read the eulogy/
get rid of attachment/
If you lose our job you just gotta work past it/
dwelling on the bad shit?/
you're better off trying to practice black magic/
it's tragic/ everybody worried about the bread in they cabinet/
they ain't focused on how much is in the waste basket/

US vs them its gotta stop/
corporations putting out ya moms and pops/
american public acting nonchalant/
until they get on facebook then they mouth popping off/
talking down on anthing that they don't like/
SPreading that negative venom they whole life/
me? well I'm breathing green from a gold pipe/
if you in for that other shit you better hold tight/

it's like the definition of a a bad trip/
I'm just tripping off the acid/
So I seen some shit In my mother fucking life/
and I'm really glad to call this woman my wife .



from #Atman, released May 16, 2016
Composition: GIMME

Engineering: Smiley D - @4evarecords On all social media




all rights reserved



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